About the Doctor

Dr. Luc Oeyen is an accredited Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. He is not conventionalised.

Experience and Specialisations:

Physician since 1982
Gynaecologist since 1987

Gynaecological operations
Prenatal examination (3D-4D ultrasound)
Obstetrics: Normal and risk obstetrics
Observation of problem pregnancies

Education and Training
Medicine: University of Antwerp
Obstetrics-Gynaecology: St. Augustinus Hospital (Wilrijk) and the University Hospital Antwerp (Edegem).
Additional courses in gynaecological oncology: Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Civil Service as a substitute for military service at the “Ndola Central Hospital”, Zambia (1987-1989):
Experience in emergency medicine.
Worked in a context of Development Cooperation at the “Centre Hospitalier de Kigali”, Rwanda (1990-1992):
Experience in emergency medicine, emergency obstetrics, surgery vaginal fistulas and tropical pathology.

Based in Antwerp since 01/07/1992

Continuous on the job training in ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis as well as in oncological gynaecology.